Tumbleweed Time Machine

Tumbleweed Timemachine is an acoustic trio from the dusty desert jewel of Joshua Tree, CA, combining country and bluegrass with a touch of vaudeville and sideshow mystery. With three-part harmonies and original songwriting, Tumbleweed Time Machine evokes mind-bending tales of adventure throughout space and time. Ranging in subject matter from fantasy-themed sea chanteys to cyberpunk singalongs, from cowpunk love ballads to foot-stomping extradimensional dread, the band takes you on voyages through the history and future of folk music, encouraging their growing cult following to hoist their glassware and join in
the fun.
Formed in late 2018 by accordionist Skyler Fell and guitarist Dan Abbott (both veterans of seminal dark carnival ensemble Thee Hobo Gobbelins), the pair quickly found a bassist in their neighbor Stephen Carthy and began playing venues in the wider Morongo Basin.
Tumbleweed Timemachine can be reached for booking or press inquiries at:
Email: accordionapocalypse@yahoo.com

Phone: 1 (415) 596-5952

About the musicians:

Skyler Fell is the owner and proprietor of the Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop, which has served as a hub of the West Coast accordion revival for over 15 years. Skyler’s work in the traditional craft of accordion repair was featured on NPR’s Squeezebox Stories. Not only an accomplished musician and vocalist but an actress as well, Skyler currently plays the starring role in the Wild West Revival’s spring run of Showdown in Pioneertown, a live theater production in historic Pioneertown, CA.
Dan Abbott is an author, musician and filmmaker who was one half of acoustic comedy ensemble Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits. He hosts a storytelling showcase, Knew Better; Did It Anyway and works as a traveling dungeon master-for-hire. http://www.irritain.com
Brooklyn-born Steven Carthy is a Joshua Tree-based builder and musician, and veteran musician of the 80s-90s New York ska scene.

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