The Gun Street Girl

photo by Tami DeSellier

 Strap that big iron to your hip, load your belt and bandolier up full of just the right magic bullets, you’re going to need them. You may be innocent when you dream but I don’t wanna grow up to dance a cemetery polka in the cold cold ground. So fill the jockey full of bourbon, the gun street girls are back in town and they’ve got a little drop of poison that will make you tango until you’re sore. Saturday at 11AM on the Deli Stage.

The Gun Street Girls is a fun local Bay Area band, covering and honoring local Sebastopol recording artist Tom Waits, as well as self inspired originals that will make your hearts’ smile!

Featuring Salane Salane on accordion, the host of the Dark Family Hour,, a weekly Facebook show which airs every Friday at 7PM, also part of Accordion Fridays.

The bands’ core line up is:

Sean Lee / the Hobo Gobbelins / Loopspool on Banjo & Vocals

Ruby Goldberg on Washboard, and Salane Salane of the Dark Family Hour on Accordion.  The band is pleased to return to the stage at the Cotati Accordion Festival, and has played at the Uptown, Accordion Babes calendar events, Winchester Mystery House, Smythe’s Accordion Center, and other various private parties and events.

Salane Salane, former Accordion Calendar Babe, has recently played at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as performed at the Polka Hall of Fame, teaches accordion in Marin and the East Bay, and occasionally repairs accordions at Smythe’s Accordion Center.

Contact Salane Salane for bookings or accordion, piano, and guitar lessons:


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