The Mad Maggies

Hard to Describe, Easy to Love

The Mad Maggies is a high-energy, danceable, touring band based in Sonoma County, California and Montréal, Québec. Their seriously “genre-fluid” style spans ska, folk rock, California roots, jazz, R&B, klezmer, sea-faring & much more. It’s mostly original, often surprising, always fun.

Their tune “Kirghiz Eyes” underscores a scene in Episode 8 of the hit vampire series What We Do in the Shadows on FX Networks. So far, over a million people have viewed the episode. Wow!

The Mad Maggies are:

Johny Blood: tuba, bullhorn 

Ray Fernandez: saxophones

Ian Luke: drums, percussion

Maggie “Mags” Martin: accordionist, vocals, composer, fearless leader

Mark Nemoyten: trumpet

Tim Sarter: bass

Ned Stone: trombone

Gary “GDub” Wium: guitars

“From the moment they hit the stage, the “dance floor” was swarmed with people

dancing and jumping, enjoying the music that can only be described as a cross between the best greasy cheeseburger ever and a highly refined French dining experience. We look forward to having the band back again!”  — Kimberly Paternoster, Pt. Richmond Music Festival director

For booking and more information visit

“Death” is the Mad Maggies skeleton beanie baby mascot. Look for Death somewhere on the stage whenever the Mad Maggies play.

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