Sheri Mignano Crawford & Jim Lehmann

Mornings in the Polka Tent just got more interesting! (9:30-12N) Saturday and Sunday

This is Sheri Mignano Crawford’s first year in the polka tent after performing many years on the main stage at the festival. She brings a broad array of musical talents from the European café tradition and the dance halls of Paris, Rome, and Berlin. Whether it’s a polka, a Viennese or Parisian waltz, an Italian mazurka, a Schottische, or a Latin rumba and tango, don’t miss your chance to dance your toes off! Let Sheri know your favorite Lawrence Welk tune or the title of a popular Miami Beach rumba! She and her partner Jim Lehmann, a superb percussionist and drummer, can
transform an ordinary dance into a rhythmic spin around the dance floor. Together Sheri and Jim will help you hop, kick, swirl, or glide across the smooth flooring. It’s a great time to kick up your heels while taking a break! We look forward to seeing you at the “polka-and-more” tent! Join us for some fun and lively dancing!

Sheri and Jim started playing together about ten years ago at Original Joe’s in San Rafael. Having both worked for decades with their own bands, they’re looking forward to starting a new tradition at the Cotati Accordion Festival!
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