The Rob Reich Trio

Accordionist Rob Reich has been called “a virtuoso of the accordion”.  His playing and composing graces the sounds of many high profile ensembles including Tin Hat, Gaucho, Nice Guy Trio, and Circus Bella.  In addition to being an active performer in the Bay Area music scene, his playing has taken him to Europe and New York several times over the past year, most recently with Rupa and the April Fishes.

The Rob Reich Trio presents an altered take on the Jazz piano trio, with Daniel Fabricant’s bass and Beth Goodfellow’s drumset providing a strong rhythmic foundation. The trio features Reich’s original material as well as older gems, and they approach their diverse repertoire with a spirit of spontaneity and improvisation.  Arrangements are arrived at through an unspoken communion, resulting in a high energy, magical evening of music making.

“Whatever context he’s in, Reich transforms it into a creative hothouse where thousands of musical flowers bloom.” -Andrew Gilbert, East Bay Express

Rob Reich – accordion
Daniel Fabricant – bass
Beth Goodfellow – drums