The Sansa and Shiri Show

You’ll laugh and fall in love with these two adorable sailor girls as they take you on a wild journey across the sea “through treasured isles and distant lands”, and the never-ending depths of the imagination.

Their powerful voices beckon you, as they sing 1940’s inspired harmonies, sea shanties, love songs, and catchy tunes.  Their musicianship is shockingly skillful, coming from a pair of rhinestone be-decked, glamorous sailor pin-up girls. Their skits and jokes are perplexing yet hilarious, and to top it all off they even tap dance together while singing vintage harmonies. 

Their show is a truly romantic, fast-paced medley of German cabaret, 1940’s harmonies, skits, jokes, tap dancing and more!

Hailing from a secret artist enclave by the sea in Oakland, California, Sansa and Shiri spend the fall and winter months brainstorming their magic into the beautiful art piece that is The Sansa and Shiri Show.

They are both singer/songwriters and write originals for The Sansa and Shiri Show, as well as perform obscure covers from the 1920’s to the 40’s. They tour the United States and Europe usually in the spring and summer, and hope to find themselves performing their magic in even further outer reaches of the planet. They have been in productions with members of The Yard Dogs Road Show, Beats Antique, Zoe Jakes, and the Indigo. There’s never a dull moment in the Sansa and Shiri Show. You can hardly blink an eye and not miss something that will tickle your funny bone and make you laugh down deep in your belly.

Sansa also has been working with world-class burlesque dancers across the country, and recently they added “synchronized swimming” burlesque choreographed numbers to canned music you would least expect from acoustic instrument enthusiasts. Both girls have vaudeville in their blood. Literally, they are lucky descendants of theater people from the 1800’s to the present and most interested in keeping their inherited dream alive.

“The blonde bombshell with the accordion” – High Times Magazine.

Sansa Asylum has toured the country with The Yard Dogs Road Show, a circus-inspired vaudeville show, for the last ten years. She’s known as a prolific accordion player, singer, tap dancer, songwriter, choreographer, costume designer, samba dancer, and all-around vaudevillian.

Shiri is an accomplished vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and vaudeville performer, whose talent, theatrical antics, and overriding thirst for adventure has allowed her to perform in all sorts of unusual settings and ensembles. She has been providing lead and back-up vocals for the Sour Mash Hug Band for the past 6 years, while also switching between playing accordion, ukulele, trombone, washtub bass and kazoo, within a given set. She has toured and performed in a number of musical projects throughout the U.S , acting as both a musician/ vocalist while also contributing as a vaudeville performer or sideshow act.

She has toured and performed in  999 Eyes Freakshow (Austin TX), That Damned Band (Austin TX), The Crowquill Nightowls (Port Townsend WA),and  My Graveyard Jaw (New Orleans, LA)

to name a few. She has also collaborated with performers from Coney island, Circus Contraption, the Vau de Vire Society, and the Yard Dogs Road Show.

Really, you just have to see the show to believe it.