Blues, polka, Americana, Klezmer, Latin, French musette, western, European Gypsy Jazz, or Ukrainian Avant Garde, who would successfully tackle all these genres? New York’s own Erica Mancini.

    All these styles are covered by Erica in her bands, The Ghost Pony, La Banda Chuska, The Bees Knees,

Smokey’s Roundup, and Echo Chamber Ensemble. If that is not enough evidence of her over the top versatility, Erica also performs her Aerialist Accordion Circus. Yes, Erica does gymnastic moves, wrapped in a drape 20 feet off the ground, while playing her accordion.

   We met Erica during Covid when the Cotati Accordion Festival took place virtually. We  traveled around the world with elite players performing in their living rooms, bedrooms, or wherever the pandemic would allow them to go. When the reactions came in from our huge international audience, Erica drew praise from all corners of the globe.

    We don’t know what incarnation we will experience when Erica comes to play this year at our festival, but we do know it will be original and ripe with talent.

     Those Darn Accordions have been a force of musical nature for a couple of decades now. Their  wall of sound, incorporating earth shaking  cover songs  and their playful  originals,  has been the signature of TDA for years. Whether they are playing StairWay to Heaven or Them Hippies Was  Right, you will always be both astonished and unable to stay still in your seat. They make you want to dance and cheer.

  Paul Rogers heads the group with Ian Luke and Lewis Wallace along with their  accordion wall of sound with  Carri Abrahms, Susie Davis, and Suzanne Garramone promising to forever rearrange your understanding of the accordion.

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