Crème Brülée

Crème Brulee is a two-woman show playing music that transports listeners back in time and across the pond to a 1930s café in bohemian Paris.  Leta Davis and Ruth Edwards have been playing violin and accordion together for many years, and have performed several times at Cotati previously with their Klezmer band, Simka.

Both Leta and Ruth live in Sonoma. Leta, who has played violin since she was eight years old, was classically trained and is also an artist whose media includes sculpture, painting, mixed media and digital painting.  Her musical and artistic accomplishments are many, and in the past has trained multitudes of students in Sonoma to play the violin, piano, drums, and ukulele through an approach incorporating Suzuki methods, ear training, rhythm, jazz chord theory, playing in bands, and performance.  Several of Leta’s students have gone on to professional musical careers.

Ruth is also known to Cotati Accordion Festival enthusiasts as the former “Lady of Spain.” Before Ruth joined Leta’s prior band, Leta pined for an accordionist but didn’t know how to conjure one up. One day, Ruth showed up on the rehearsal doorstep, and the musical excitement that was sparked on that first day at rehearsal has never let up.  Ruth began to play the accordion as a young girl when a woman came to her third-grade classroom and played “Rock Around the Clock.”  It was the first accordion Ruth had ever seen, and she went on to take years of accordion lessons with Guido Canevari in Santa Rosa, and later, Frank Impinna in Charmichael, CA.

“The real signature of Crème Brulee,” says Leta, “is that Ruth and I have a great time playing this music together. We are so happy when we play!” For information and bookings, contact Leta Davis at 707-280-1949.

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