Tara Linda

Equipped with a sultry voice, bass, and button-accordion, chanteuse Tara Linda plays world roots; blending Latin torch and spaghetti western. A Hohner-endorsed artist, she writes new tangos, waltzes, and boleros, and skirts global genres to blend them into a style uniquely her own.

Tara Linda’s performances are described as “mesmerizing” (Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News) and her vocals “rich” and “sultry” (The Muse’s Muse). Her voice hints of early torch, while her music is refreshingly original. What distinguishes her voice and music is her vocal depth, heartfelt delivery, and the poetry of her lyrics. She has a world music heritage (Indian) and sings in Spanish and English. 

Recently featured as the face of the new “accordionista” for the rising popularity of the accordion in the San Francisco Bay Area (Oakland Tribune/San Jose Mercury News/Contra Costa Times, Nov 19, 2009), Tara Linda is out to show that the accordion is cool again. To this effect, she joined 12 female accordion players for the 2010 West Coast Accordion Babes Pinup Calendar/CD, a fun, girl-powered makeover for the accordion. The companion CD features her song “Fool’s Journey” from her debut CD. 

A Texas native, Tara came of age playing drums in punk bands in Austin, later she picked up bass, ukulele and accordion. “You could say I traded in my sticks for an accordion,” Tara laughs. “The accordion takes you around the world like no other instrument from Argentine bodegas, through French cafés, and to the borderlands of South Texas. As a singer, the accordion is perfect … emotional and endlessly expressive.”

Tara is excited to be recording her first “Tortilla Western” CD blending spaghetti western, rock, and Tex-Mex all to celebrate her American Southwestern roots. This special project enlists the talents of Grammy winning legend Flaco Jimenez (7-time Grammy winner), Max Baca (2010 Grammy winners Los Texmaniacs), and producers Craig Schumacher (Devotchka, Neko Case) and Michael Ramos (Lila Downs). The CD is due out in early Spring of 2010. 

Tara Linda lives in Oakland, California, and performs solo or with: 
The Blue Fur Monkeys~ Jazzy blues, desert cabaret, torch and train songs; and
Tara Linda y Luna Nueva~ 1930’s Tex-Mex, covering Lydia Mendoza and the women of South Texas. She sings boleros, rancheras, and cumbias in the early dueto style with special musical guests.

Tara Luna & Luna Nueva (2008) New Moon. 
Tara Linda (2006) Fool’s Journey 
Polliwog (2001) Musical Score to Hamlet’s Woman (Theater)
The Succulents (1999) The Witch, the Sailor, & the Enchanted Monkey