Lizeth Olivo

Singer/Accordionist Liz Olivo was born in Tampico Tamaulipas Mexico. She and her family are from a small town called “La Labor” San Luis Potosi Mexico where the music began with her Grandfather, Cecilio Olivo (Sax Player). 

Her family migrated to San Jose California when she was 10 years old.

Coming from a family that is musically oriented and being around musicians all her childhood, her passion for playing the accordion grew stronger.

Liz received her first accordion lesson from her father Antonio Olivo in 1992 with a Hohner Corona II  and was inspired with music from her relatives, and Chavela from Grupo Express who was the only female accordionist at that time. Hohner Accordions were her first choice as a beginner and after trying other brands she continues to play Hohner Accordions. 

Focusing mostly on Norteño Classic, playing covers from known artists like Ramon Ayala, Los Cachorros, Cadetes & Invasores, Liz recorded her first CD at the age of 16, and second CD at the age of 18. 

Album titled Contigo Todo was produced by Manolo Morales in 2003.

Her recent production al 100% released December 2016, includes 4 songs written by her (al 100%, Las Plebes, En mi cama, Perro huevero

With big dreams and a humble heart filled with gratitude for everyone who has supported her in her musical path, Liz Olivo continues to perform giving her best in each note she plays on her accordion.

She will be performing with a back-up band consisting of bass, drums and guitar.

Welcome to Cotati Liz!!