Chris Ryback

Chris has been surrounded by music since birth. His father, Leroy, has performed with his own polka band throughout the state of Texas. As a child, Chris’ mother brought him to all of the band dances.  Chris fell in love with music and the accordion while watching his father perform.

Around the age of eight, Chris began piano lessons. By age 12, he started playing the accordion. During his teenage years, Chris played trumpet for the high school marching band  By. age 14, he was often a requested guest of country music shows all over Texas. At the age of 18, Chris realized he wanted to make his living playing music!

Performing with passion, fire, commitment and skill, his high-energy style of accordion music has attracted much attention. He has recorded numerous albums and continues to record.

Chris Rybak’s past performances include festivals of all types, country clubs, college dances, picnics, state and county fairs, weddings, corporate functions, country music parties, cruise ships and more – basically, anywhere there’s a stage. He also has performed throughout  Europe.  

Chris joined the Roland team as a V-Accordion® Product Specialist in February of 2008 and is currently looking forward to working with Roland’s newest member, Santiago Jimenez Jr. on a new multicultural CD coming out soon!