Amber Lee Baker

Amber Lee Baker (aka Amber Lee and the Anomalies) is bringing the accordion back across genres from folk music into the realm of singer-songwriter cabaret.  Her heartfelt, catchy and sultry original songs range between bawdy tunes, melodious folk ballads, and soulful spirituals.  As the Cover Babe for the 2012 Accordion Babe Album and Pin-up Calendar, she is one of the many women who is fueling the accordion’s resurgence as a sexy instrument.  Often seen as a one-woman show accompanying her angelic voice with her “Main Squeeze,” loop pedal and glockenspiel.  Baker, a former architect, has been extensively touring since 2009, often as a variety show with Renee de la Prade, the creator of the Accordion Babes Album and Pin-up Calendar.

A recent review of her latest album, “Indelible” by the blog Sepiachord states:  “…while Amber Lee wields an accordion she could just as well be rolling out her tunes from behind a piano keyboard.  Eccentric choice in an instrument and snazzy costume choices aside, Amber Lee is a talented singer-songwriter. That is what makes her new CD, Indelible a recording that rewards repeated listens.”

“… powerful vocals and poignant lyrics…”  –Cape Cod Times (June 2011)

“…. a little like a fairytale princess with … a siren-esque voice. Her songs are quirky and hella nerdy”  – College Times (Jan 2012)A