Amber Lee Baker

Singer-songwriter and accordionist, Amber Lee Baker brings together smart lyrics and catchy melodies to create her unique brand of Sassy Folk-Cabaret.  She has toured the US and Europe and is currently working on a new full length album of fresh sexy songs.  Amber has been a contributor to the Accordion Babe Pin-Up Calendar and revolution since 2009.

When she’s not performing or writing songs, Amber teaches accordion lessons at Smythe’s Accordion Center in Oakland, CA, and practices architecture. You may find out more at


“… powerful vocals and poignant lyrics…”  -Cape Cod Times (June 2011)

“…. a little like a fairytale princess with … a siren-esque voice. Her songs are quirky and hella nerdy”  – College Times (Jan 2012)

“Eccentric choice in instrument and snazzy costume choices aside, Amber Lee is a talented singer-songwriter.” – Sepiachord