Formed in 2000, Amaldecor is comprised of a talented group of young musicians from San Francisco’s Bay Area. Coming together to explore their musical influences, members of local bands: the Japonize Elephants, Mega-Mousse, and the Mitch Marcus Quintet; formed Amaldecor in order to play some of their favorite traditional music from the French-Gypsy, Eastern-European, and American-jazz styles. These three styles form a coherent whole in the band’s sound and repertoire. An exciting array of lightning-fast Gypsy melodies are interspersed with swung jazz from the likes of the Hot Club of France, as well as intriguing original compositions. Accordion, guitar, saxophone, flute, and percussion add layered textures to each song.

For more information about Amaldecor or any of their related projects, look on the web site of TZME (Amaldecor’s production company/record label)

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