Our sponsors help us in a myriad of ways aside from just donating the much needed cash. There are so many who step up just because they want to find a way to help our beloved community event and many have the means to significantly help besides donating money.

    For instance, the hay bales that you might sit on are donated and delivered by Larsen’s Feed; the banner you might see in Cotati on Old Redwood Highway is in a space donated by Joel’s Harmony Garage; the 52 Chevy convertible that you see us use in the parades is donated by the Al Seastrand Family; the equipment that we suddenly need each year during  the festival weekend is donated by the local Lowe’s; the street barriers are donated by Rick Grossman and Wright Construction; the security at night is donated by Praetorian Security; the banner space on East Cotati Avenue is donated by the local All State Insurance Company; the mowing of the grass for our borrowed lots adjacent to the park is done each year by Carl Schollman of Carl’s Autobody; and the dance floor and trailer is stored on a lot donated by the Occasional Apostles of Knowledge. All of these “donations” save us thousands of dollars in production each year.

    As you can see, our festival represents a community coming together for the common good. We like to feel that our existence fosters this sense of community that is then taken into the year and displayed in many additional ways. Hence, each year we have more local businesses that come aboard, such as the recent declaration of sponsorship by Cotati’s own Mercy Wellness. However, the biggest behind the scenes help comes from the city of Cotati itself. City hall, whether it be Ashley Wilson, Noah Housh, or many others in offices of Cotati CityHall, are there to answer all questions, help in problem solving and work to reduce the festival’s financial costs as much as possible. In fact, the city is now waiving about 75% of the costs that they endure while doing the behind the scenes work helping to put on the festival.

     Each year more businesses notice what a communal effort the festival is, and as a result, each year a few more come aboard. We want to thank all of them as we could not do it without them.

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