Sheri Mignano Crawford & Steve Hanson

Sheri Mignano Crawford first appeared on the Cotati festival main stage in 2004 and has been back several times, including 2023, her third year in the Dance Tent. She loves to perform traditional guinguette dances made popular in Parisian and Viennese dance halls. Mixing it up with good ol’ American polkas, Italian mazurkas, and Latin rhythms. “Mambo Italiano” can be enjoyed along with Shostakovich’s “Jazz Suite” waltz. You just never know how you’ll be surprised and delighted to dance away Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Dance Tent.


This is Steve’s first time in the polka tent! Multi-talented bassist Steve Hanson grew up in Minnesota. While living in Italy he performed throughout Europe as a soloist with the U.S Navy NATO Band. During his time In New York City, he performed with Woody Allen, George Segal and Burl Ives, was in an off-Broadway production with the New York Repertory Company and was in the Movie The Year of the Dragon. Steve is currently active as a bassist in the San Francisco Bay Area and overseas. Stop by and watch as he plays the Hi-Hat while plucking on his bass!

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