The Barn Swallows

The Barn Swallows, is an all original American Folk sound featuring guitars, accordion, mandolin, tenor banjo, clarinet, violin stand up bass and soaring three part vocal harmonies.

The Barn Swallows is a band based in Bisbee Az, formed in 2022. With an EP available at live shows and a brand new Live in studio album released May 13th 2023, recorded with Max Harms at The Garage. Though only together for a short time, they have a national tour Kicking off May 19th this summer they will be playing from Texas to Virginia, through the midwest and on the west coast. Some highlights include performing At the Camel in Richmond VA, The Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City SD, Matthews Opera House in Spearfish SD, at The B it ritt Festival in Jacksonville OR and The Cotati Accordion Fest in Cotati CA. With a full schedule and new songs The BarnSwallows are on a roll.

Their instrumentation is comprised of guitars, mandolin, clarinet, tenor banjo, violin, accordion and upright bass. Featuring original compositions and vocal harmonies, the sound ranges from American folk to traditional jazz. Committed to authentic expression and having a good time while lamenting the tragic world, The Barn Swallows deliver a healthy helping of heart-full honesty with a contagious melodic sensibility and soaring harmonies.In addition to The Barn Swallows, the same cast of musicians makes up an entirely different band, “Juniper Djinn”. Originally comprised of Jessica Fleet and Bill Stoller, Juniper Djinn plays an array of 30s and 40s Jazz standards, Swing, and European Folk Music. Teaming up for the good of all, the two groups maintain anneionimity while enjoying an overlap in cast, on rare occasion you can find both acts at the same show.Event bright Wording:The Barn Swallows & Juniper Djinn~All Original Folk, 30s and 40s swing Jazz and traditional Eastern European Songs

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