At the Cotati Accordion Festival we have a page that shows what it takes to be a sponsor and the different levels of contributions one can make. We get both in kind sponsorship and cash donations and we don’t generally separate the two in our levels. However, today I want to thank one particular group that we could not exist without. They are the “cash donation Silver Level group, meaning that they all donated $1,000.00 to $2,400.00 cash.

    This group that are so important to our ability to return each year includes Compass Wealth Advisors(Julia and Chris Cort, who among so many other generous contributions, are the driving force behind the new baseball stadium in East Petaluma); The Straus Family Dairy( The official milk of the Cotati Accordion Festival, of which we implore all our fans to try out); The Exchange Bank( a Sonoma County institution that we have worked with for 32 years);Ray’s Delicatessen and Tavern( the source of our south stage currently know as the Ray’s Deli Stage); our new addition, Lightning Spirits Vodka(who will be operating our first ever photo booth at the festival); and EBA Engineering( Nazar Eljumaily, the EBA CEO, is a fine musician that you can often hear play at the festival).

    We love this group and are proud to make them or May sponsors of the month.

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