Recology: giving us a reason to care about toilets and garbage

Some companies don’t get the acknowledgement that they deserve when they go out and contribute significantly to a local nonprofit event. There isn’t a lot of fanfare in toilets and garbage. However, few companies contribute to the community in such a valued and comprehensive way as recology. Recology is a modern day company that puts the community and its future first.

Recology supplies our port-a-lets and all our garbage service at no charge. The in kind value is significant enough that it is part of the reason that our ticket charge can stay so low. We can not tell them enough how much we appreciate them.
However, that is not the big news concerning the caf and recology this year. This year recology is going to structure their service for us so that we can be, for the first time, a totally green event. We are proud to join hands and go green on into the future to help sustain this earth of ours.

Our other sponsor of the month is Forrest Cioppa. Forrest surprises us with unannounced checks each year. He is simply a huge fan of the festival and especially the polka tent. I always welcome Forrest’s suggestions and encouragement. Over the years he has been one of our top cash donors.

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