Organizations Supported in 2019

The CAF is grateful for these groups who provide the festival with the people power to keep the festival running smoothly. 
Their duties range from set up to clean up, security, staffing the gates, organizing the raffle, handling money for beer and wine sales running the PARKING LOT SHUTTLE, etc.

2019 DONATIONS $24,650

Cotati Accordion Student Scholarships Awarded for 2020

$500 – Siyuan Liu Donnelly
$250 – Nicholaus Plasichuk
$250 – Evan Yuan
$250 – Derek Yuan
$200 – Yifan Tong
$100 – Connor Naschund
$100 – Aidan Richmond

Cotati/Rohnert Park Education Foundation
$5,000 DONATION 2019

Pictured are Vera and Dan Blanquie from Ed Foundation with two students; Board members – Lisa Benz and sons Charlie and Richie, Richard Cullinen, and Dave Wasson (Ed Gilardi not pictured); and Linda Conner Producer and Scott Goree Executive Director.

Rohnert Park/Cotati Co-op Nursery
$5,000 DONATION 2019

The Co-op Nursery is responsible for our security at the gates. Pictured are Scott and Linda, Lisa and kids, Richard Cullinen, Sherri Clem and students. CAF donations have made numerous upgrades and funded their new playground.

Boy Scout Troop #4
$3,000 DONATION 2019

This year the Boy Scout Troup #4 was able to send their scouts to camp and to buy tents and other equipment. They and their leaders work hard the weekend of the festival doing set-up and break-down as well as keeping the park clean. They are also responsible for first aid. They do a great job!

Penngrove 6th Grade Outdoor Ed
$5,000 DONATION 2019

Pictured: Penngrove sixth-graders who participated in 2019 raffle sales. CAF donation pays for 14 students to attend camp.

Thomas Page Academy
$5,000 DONATION 2019

Pictured are Teresa Sullivan, and Teresa Peterson principal and a few students.

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