Whiskey and Stitches

Whiskey and Stitches play Irish and Americana as if people in the hills of Appalachia had amplifiers in the 1920’s. This band mixes past and present and has graced the stages of most Sacramento music venues worth their weight in salt.

W&S has also graced the stages of the KVMR Celtic Festival in Grass Valley (twice!), Sonora Celtic Festival, Portland Highland Games, and has followed world-renown Young Dubliners after their blistering musical sets at Reno’s Eurofest every year since 2011. The band has been described as rock, folk, punk, folk-punk, and hard-to-categorize, yet it has won two SAMMIES Awards (Sacramento Area Music Awards) for its endeavors. The band opened for Canada’s Real McKenzies at Assembly Music Hall and staged its own successful annual IRISHPALOOZA at Harlow’s, Sacramento. 

Blending the sonic guitar of Pete Barker, the rich vocals of Mike McCarrick, the deep, rich bass of Doug Vincent, the drum mastery of Kevin Coughlin, and the mutli-instrumental musical stylings of James Wilson on mandolin, tin whistles, and whatever else he can get his hands on, this band has emerged as one of  SACtown’s most consistent bands. Accordionist Eve Kuffner, formerly of Midway Marvels, The Pikeys, and New Orleans’  Zydepunks has recently joined the band to add her dulcet musical touches.