Victoria Gavre

Eight-Year-Old Victoria Anastasia Gavre was born in Moldova (formerly U.S.S.R.). She played her first accordion in a toy store when she was just three. “She just picked one up and started playing while a group of people stopped to listen,” her mother said.

While trying out different accordions at the 1999 Cotati Accordion Festival, one of the vendors suggested she apply for a scholarship. She won the scholarship.

Her formal lessons began in 1999 with Bart Beninco of Petaluma. She remains a pupil today.

Last summer Victoria earned her first dollar playing at open-mike night at Koffee Katz in Sebastopol. This year she played at the Accordion Club’s monthly meeting in the spring … the youngest to play there. She was playing before a crowd of more than 60!

She went to Auburn last Fall and entered a contest given by Bez R. She played while he video taped and she won a brand new accordion on Christmas Day.

Congratulations Victoria and welcome to the our stage.