Trio Amore with Ron Borelli

“Trio Amore” is a group of professional artists who has been performing together since 1994, and is committed to presenting an abundance of traditional Italian music and opera for the public’s enjoyment. The ensemble features the operatic voices of soprano Maria Fassio Pagnati, tenor Peter Girardot, and versatile accompanist Ron Borelli on accordion and keyboard.

Maria has performed throughout California as a soloist and guest artist at numerous “festas” and civic and social events for many years. Peter has been a member of the San Francisco Opera for many seasons, and has appeared with Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, and many other international artists. Ron Borelli has been featured with the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, and has performed extensively in California.

“Trio Amore” is dedicated to sharing its profound love of music and unique performance style with everyone for any and all occasions. These performers make an event exciting, fun, and memorable. For more information call 650-574-5707.