Tocanto Brazilian Choro & Folk Group

Led by singer Paola of Rio de Janeiro, Tocanto takes audiences on a journey through the rich and colorful sounds of Brazil.

The group specializes  in Choro, an early style of Brazilian jazz, which started as a fusion of European 19th century  court music and African rhythms played by the slaves. Choros were very popular in the 30’s and 40’s and came into resurgence in the 90’s with a new generation of aficionado musicians of this melodically complex and live rhythmic style. Tocanto also plays a variety of regional styles such as: samba, from Rio; bai‹o and frevo, from the Northeast; the gaucho  music of the South and native chants of the indigenous people.

Tocanto performs on a wide variety of authentic Brazilian instruments, including: 7-string acoustic guitar, cavaquinho, pandeiro, tamborim and surdo, among others. All members also play percussion to create an authentic “Batucada.”

Their music is presented in an entertaining format with audience participation. A performance by Tocanto is a unique cultural event and truly a “Brazilian Experience.”

Rich- accordion, melodica, vocals. Rich has been singing and playing accordion music from around the world since childhood.

Eva – mandolin, violin. Eva, only 15 yrs old, has played violin since 4 and mandolin since 7. She currently plays violin in the Fresno Community Orchestra.

Kyoko – flute, piccolo. Kyoko has an MA in Flute Performance & currently plays in the Merced Symphony.

John – 7-string guitar, cavaquinho, mandola. John has a BA in Composition & specializes in Brazilian 7-string guitar & cavaquinho.

Paola – vocals, percussion. Paola, a vocalist from Rio de Janeiro, also specializes in a variety of Brazilian percussion  instruments.

Gustavo – cavaquinho, percussion. From Northeastern Brazil, Gustavo brings a deep knowledge of the rhythms of the Nordeste & Norte.