The Coro Allegro

The CORO ALLEGRO, a mixed-voices folkloristic group, has been in existence for 20 years. It is part of the North Bay Italian Cultural Foundation and is dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of Italian culture through popular music. The Coro Allegro, directed by Angelo J. Catelani, has been entertaining audience at nearly all of the major Italian festivals, at civic functions and for special groups in many Northern California cities and Reno, Nevada. To name but a few: the Coro Allegro has performed at Italian Festivals in San Jose, Oakland, Lodi, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Reno and at the San Mateo County Fair.

The Coro Allegro feels particularly honored to be invited to participate in the International Folksongs Festival for Italian singing groups in Santiago, Chile. Yielding to popular demand, the Coro Allegro has recorded two tape cassettes over the last few years. These recordings consist of some of the most beautiful, old, popular songs to come out of Italy. To many people, these songs bring back memories of their youth, family get-togethers, and of neighborhood parties. These cassettes have become treasured mementos of a time past and still dear to us all. Members of the Coro Allegro come from all walks of life and have come together to sing and to appreciate old Italian songs.

For additional information about the Coro Allegro or for bookings, please contact the director, Angelo J. Catelani at 707-539-1986. You may also leave a message at the Italian Cultural Center, 64 Brookwood Ave., Santa Rosa, CA. Telephone: 707-591-9696.