Sweet Penny Royals

The music of the ”Sweet Penny Royals” is collected from a nomadic path that encircles all of Europe, dipping deep into the Mediterranean, west through France toward British Isles, and arcing eastward through the Baltic Sea toward Russia and the Balkans, played on fiddle, accordion, and percussion.  Featuring multi-lingual vocals seasoned with crumhorn, harp, flute, whistle, berimbau and egg beater.


We look forward to sharing the adventure with you. Please join us at the following public venues and special events. 
Until then, be well and play like nobody is watching

Roxanne Oliva, M.A. – appears on over 30 albums and film soundtracks, most notably with recent Rock Hall of Fame inductee Tom Waits.  Roxanne played on the main stage at the first annual COTATI Accordion Festival in 1991 with a folk-rock band.  Dirty Linen Folk Music Magazine reviewed, “The main instrumental virtuoso in the group is accordionist, Roxanne Oliva.”  In addition to Squeeze-Funk, Celtic, World-Beat, Country/Roots and R&B bands, Roxanne belongs to the women’s gypsy trio SWEET PENNY ROYALS . AND …Accordion Babe Calender girl for 2011. 

Carleen Weirauch (previously Duncan) is a vocalist and bodhran player. Taylor Guitars says,”Carleen’s exquisite vocals soar and swoop, exhibiting a powerful, dramatic range that swings from plaintive to triumphant…”

Janette Duncan is a fiddler specializing in international folk dance music, has been hired to play at folk dance schools in Japan, Brazil and throughout the US. Janette holds a B.A. in Music and currently teaches for Alasdair Fraser’s, Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddling School, Sierra Camp, SRJC, and privately at her home studio.