Squeezy Peezy

with Roxanne Oliva, Jon Berger and Rebecca Richman

SQUEEZY PEEZY! 3 accordions in one band? Yes! Each of us plays a different type of box: concertina, melodeon, and piano accordion. We’re rockin’ Celtic & British Isles reels tunes, hornpipes, sea shanties and some bawdy songs. Don’t be surprised if one or two of us picks up a fiddle or flute and starts shredding on it just for fun. We’re having a party!

Jon Berger is primarily a fiddler with several folk dance bands. He currently performs with Celtic legends “Greenhouse” who have just release a 5th album. He is a multi-instrumentalist, and whether or not he plays in drag is largely dependent on the weather.

Rebecca Richman has played fiddle since she could hold the instrument, focusing primarily on the music of Ireland and Scotland. Several years ago she dove head first into the deep pool of traditional English Concertina music.

Roxanne Oliva plays accordion, harp, flute, renaissance winds and percussion. She has recorded with various luminaries including legendary piper Paddy Keenan and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Tom Waits. She currently plays with Rory McNamara, Whimsical, and serves as musical director for songwriter/activist Si Kahn.

Ben Becker is our extraordinary percussionist and bodhran player and general hell-raiser. 
roxanneolivama@gmail.com www.roxanneoliva.bandcamp.com