Spiral Bound

This youthful ensemble from Sonoma County, California, offers a rich blend of Celtic and American music, plus original songs. The all-acoustic group approaches Celtic music with both reverence and a sense of adventure. They revisit traditional dance music and ballads, write new material in the idiom, and infuse American music with the resulting sensibility … creating a New Acoustic music for the times. Voted Best Acoustic Band by the Sonoma County Independent, Spiral Bound has honed its chops over a wide spectrum of musical venues, from Celtic Festivals to road houses. Using fiddle, mandola, bass, guitar and accordion, they bring high energy and spirits to create a memorable musical event. Ah! Celtic music – ’tis a pleasure to play, ’tis a pleasure to hear. What’s especially pleasurable about Spiral Bound’s recording “Leap Your Lazy Bounds,” a collection of Celtic and American traditional tunes, is its bluesy flavor and Matthew Greenhill’s sexy, dark vocals. These ballads, work songs, jigs and reels are lively melodies that sing of love, loss, hardship and friendship. The group members are as follows: Matthew Greenhill – vocals, mandola, octave mandolin; Kirana Peyton – vocals, percussion; Dave Perkins – guitar, vocals; Wylie Woods – mandolin, vocals; Terry-Ann Gillette – fiddle; George Cremaschi – bass; and … featuring Roxanne Marie – accordion.