Sev Garcia

Sev Garcia is back on stage to present an all-jazz program. He has played the standards and traditional genres at Cotati in years past and had taken time off to explore jazz – a life-long dream of his.

As Sev delves into jazz, he comments, “It’s like going back to kindergarten. There’s so much to learn; re-harmonizing, extended chords, chord substitutions, all sorts of new scales and modes, new fingerings and so much more.”

It is estimated that the process of becoming a competent jazz musician takes between five and seven years once you have basic control of your instrument.

In 1992, when Sev first performed in Cotati, he has used MIDI (musical instrument digital interface) as an accompaniment to his acoustic accordion playing. He will use MIDI accompaniment as he plays the music of the Big Band era at the Polka tent on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 11:00 am. Come dance or just listen and enjoy the sounds of the Big Bands.

For his main-stage performance, Sev will be using an acoustic 3-reed accordion without any MIDI.