Salut Matelot

Salut Matelot plays music from the French cabarets of the 40s and 50s, when l’amour was all that mattered. The trio has been playing together for 15 years. The band consists of:

Venus Dakar, aka Carole Langston. In addition to her love of French music, Carole has sung a variety of musical styles, including roots rock and country music, in bands including El Kabong and the DeSotos. She is currently learning to play dixieland clarinet. 

Bunny Day, aka Kit Robberson, Viola da Gamba. Bunny is determined to bring the viola da gamba into the 20th century, possibly even the 21st. She has played in numerous Renaissance ensembles, including the Austin cult classic, Clearlight Waites. Kit also plays the rebec and the electric bass.

Rita LaBlonde, aka Big Lou, accordion. Rita is devoted to the accordion, and plays as many different kinds of music on it as she can. She has played with Thee Hellhounds, the Stir-Ups, Polkacide, and founded Those Darn Accordions. Her other current project is Big Lou’s Polka Casserole.