Riggy Rackin

Riggy Rackin has been squeezing sweetness out of a little box for over 30 years

Performing nautical, pastoral & pub song, he’s been a stalwart salt of the Hyde Street Chantey Sings, Berkeley’s Starry Plough, and San Francisco’s own authentic British folk club, The Castle.

His instrumental group, NAUTICUS, offers it’s unique “Sweet Music of the Salt Sea” to enliven any event.

Riggy Rackin is the English concertina player, well known on both coasts, and accompanist of choice on many sea music recordings. A popular resident singer at San Francisco’s Castle Folk Club, and a regular at the Hyde Street Chantey Sings, he is heartily appreciated for his unique style.

“As the ear weaves the guitar and concertina together, you hear an instrument yet to be invented, a sound tailored to illustrate both the tenderness and the soft power of these traditional songs.” —Music reviewer Carol Denney on the album “Search Hills and Valleys Through”