Ramon Trujillo

& his Mariachi Los Caporales

RAMON TRUJILLO WAS BORN in Sinaloa, Mexico. As a young lad he gained appreciation for the music played by the local bands and aspired to become a musician. It was not until the age of 18 that he was able to acquire a guitar. Later, at the age of twenty one, he moved to the city of Durango where he saw the opportunity to become a conductor in a band.

First he had to purchase an accordion and learn how to play it. After spending a whole day and a night practicing he had learned to play two songs so well that the people who heard him play thought of him as a seasoned accordionist. After fifteen days he had learned enough songs to be hired as a member of a seven-piece band. 

Twenty-two years later, after moving to Santa Rosa in 1986, he started playing with other musicians, including a mariachi band. Ramon has never learned how to read music. Every song that he knows how to play, he does by ear. He is very pleased that the people who listen to him enjoy what he plays. His desire, now and in the future, is to entertain others with the music that he loves.