Frank Lima

Honorary Director of the 2003 Cotati Accordion Festival

aka The Great Morgani

What! Another Polka?

Creatively he’s out of control and having a lot of fun along the way.

Starting his 52nd year of accordionistic performing,, this former stockbroker admits to having a bad case of “ACCORDIONITIS,”  in fact, that is the name of his on-stage act this year.

Morgani how has 32 accordions, 30 top hats, 100 regular hats, 75 costumes and his shoe inventory is reading Imelda Marcus proportions.

Various Morgani characters, such as “Making a Point,” “Barcode Babes (pictured),” “Fishcordion,” “The Oscordionist,” and “Glyn-Duh,” are showcased in this year’s festival poster, t-shirt, and program cover, designed by Pat Ryan. Morgani has also created a selection of greeting cards which will be available at the Boaz Accordion booth and the Accordion Circle of the East Bay booth.

Morgani will be greeting festival goers at the W. Sierra entrance each morning from 9:30 to 10:30. Stop and say hello or request a tune from his 1,200-song repertoire.