Don Nurisso, Di Bono and Steve Hanson

Don Nurisso plays casuals of almost every type when he’s not otherwise occupied by his engineering career. His favorite style of music is jazz improvisation, but he has played many styles and enjoys all good music. He is an active member of the San Francisco Accordion Club and lives in Pacifica, 10 miles from his native San Francisco.

San Francisco-based accordionist, Peter Di Bono, well-known in the Bay Area, is at home in just about every musical setting. Peter describes his playing style as “Basie to Broadway and Bach.”  Usually the first call accordionist, Peter maintains a busy playing schedule, and also manages an active private teaching practice.  Peter is also on faculty at The Community Music Center in San Francisco, which recently added the accordion to their directory of instruments taught.  Peter’s catchphrase:  “REAL MUSIC IS LIVE!!!”

Bassist, Steve Hanson, (not pictured) drives over 60,000 miles going to the 300 + music dates he performs at in an average year. Steve is one of the busiest musicians in the business and when you hear him play you’ll know why. In his other life Steve attended The United States Navy Music School and, while stationed in Italy for three years, played trumpet with the Navy Band.  Steve doubles on high-hat while playing bass, and provides a wonderful background for the soloist lucky enough to have Steve on the stand.