Carol Enneking

The Cotati Accordion Festival’s 2007 Honorary Director

Many times we recognize a star when we see them on stage. Stars are on a stage and in front of an audience playing their hearts out. But there are important stars that you don’t often see. These are the people responsible for the various accordion clubs that dot the landscape of Northern California. These are the grass roots movers and shakers that have been largely responsible for the resurgence of the accordion as a popular instrument. Their dedication and commitment go largely unnoticed by the public at large, but without them young and old accordionists would have no place to hone their skills and develop their stagecraft.

This year we honor one such dedicated individual, the president and CEO of the Golden State Accordion Club; Carole Enneking.

Born in Tulare, California, Carole was introduced to the accordion at an early age since her father, Louie Cadona, played. She remembers attending rousing dances and celebrations where her father played which attracted large crowds. Her sister Delores Vincent, played the accordion and gave lessons for many years. Carole, however, migrated to the piano and developed into an accomplished pianist and organist and played for weddings and other celebrations.

After attending a meeting of the Golden State Accordion Club in 1996 she purchased her first accordion and was hooked. She has spent innumerable hours in practice and has taken lessons from Bart Beninco of Petaluma and Gene Bartolomei of Stockton.

Over time she has become more and more involved with the Golden State Accordion Club and presently she is the President/CEO of this organization.. Under her leadership this group has expanded to three locations including Vacaville, Sacramento and Humboldt, and has continued to expand its membership and activities. The club now has over 400 members, and boasts members from 82 different cities nation wide.

Her passion is to encourage young people to play the accordion and was instrumental in organizing the club’s scholarship program. Over the years the club has awarded over $25,000 in scholarships and this year awarded 16 scholarships to young players who range in age from 6 to 17.

Carole and Annie Uher were responsible for forming the Golden State Accordion Club Band which was developed for club players who had a desire to play in a group. The band has performed together about seven years and continues to play for festivals and other venues throughout the year.

She is an absolute supporter of all accordion activities, including clubs, camps, festivals and conventions including the Accordion Convention in Las Vegas, the National Accordion Convention in Texas, and has attended the Silver Falls Accordion Camp in Oregon for many years. She was a recent participant in the Galla Rini Camp in San Rafael. These functions are a blessing because of the knowledge obtained, and the camaraderie, encouragement and certainly the motivation it instills in players

She loves the Cotati Accordion Festival and has been a strong supporter and participant for many years. Under her leadership the Golden State Accordion Club has made the JAM TENT a vibrant and successful part of the festival and has given those who attend the festival another option to enjoy accordion music.

Carole’s life has been enriched by virtue of her involvement with the various clubs, organizations, and activities and by the wonderful friendships she has developed over the years by playing this beautiful instrument.

The Cotati Accordion Festival is grateful for the support Carol’s given the festival. The accordion jam tent has been enjoyed by countless accordionists throughout the years.