Phillip Parsons with Bart Beninco

Some would say that the future looks bright for young accordion student, Philip Parsons. Those of us who know Philip say that the 13-year-old musician from Santa Rosa already shines brightly among a field of promising young people who have taken up the accordion. Philip truly represents the enthusiasm, discipline, talent, and hard-earned skill that many of us hope is the future of the accordion.

A 3rd-year student of Bart Beninco, of Petaluma, Philip has progressed with amazing speed. Mastering his basic skills early, Philip now plays many highly skilled pieces with the technique of an advanced student. Philip is a junior member of the Accordion Club of the Redwoods and has performed at club meetings and functions during his years of study. The club members love Philip’s upbeat and confident performances. Performances that have earned him ACR Club scholarships for several years running. When asked how long he’d like to play the accordion Philip says, “My whole life, I guess. I’d like to get really good and maybe play the LB in Santa Rosa someday.”

Few musicians achieve a true mastery of their instrument. Where the line between the musician, instrument, and the music converge into one harmonious whole. Bart Beninco is such a musician. Bart’s mastery of the accordion goes far beyond the technical aspects that he mastered in his early years of study. Expression and emotion can be clearly heard and felt, as each piece he performs has a life of its own.

Bart spent thirty years as a school band director at various elementary, junior high, and high schools. He also operated his own successful music studios in Connecticut, New York, and California. Bart moved to Petaluma, CA. in 1990 and is a longtime member of the San Francisco Bay Area Accordion Club, as well as a founding member of the Accordion Club of the Redwoods (Petaluma). His musical repertoire is varied, including ethnic, classical, jazz, and modern … all of which he plays with equal enthusiasm and skill.