Marcelo Tango

Marcelo Tango is an ensemble dedicated to traditional Argentine tango music.

Guitar player Marcelo Puig left his native Buenos Aires in December 2001. He is now very busy playing tango all over the Bay Area.

Odile Lavault, French expatriate founding member of the baguette quartette, dived into the tango world after purchasing a bandoneon 6 years ago. Invented in Germany around 1860, the bandoneon, member of the concertina family, is the most characteristic instrument in tango music.

Cellist Kristina Forester from Oakland (CA) is known for her versatility from the contemporary repertoire to theater music and improvisation.

The ensemble plays, in the informal style of an “orquesta tipica,” tangos, vals and milongas from 1910 to 1950.

Marcelo Puig: guitar
Odile Lavault: bandoneon
Kristina Forester: cello

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