Jet Black Pearl

Hailing from The Netherlands, accordion diva Jet Black Pearl has performed in big tops, prisons, living rooms, tunnels, gardens sheds, barges and ruins all over the world. She spent many years in France, and just when the French started to give her several French songwriter awards (Mais oui!), she moved to Portland, Oregon. Now she sings in French and English, but always with a Dutch accent.

Her smartly wacky songs sound like a mad hatter’s European gypsy tea party with a hip hop attitude. Before your very eyes, she creates grooves and loops of flute, plastic bottles, rubber pigs, vocal percussion and harmonies, while squeezing her accordion. She also might do a little dance for you. But watch your own feet… they’re already wiggling!

A formidable force of music, and truly has to be seen to be believed’ (Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe Festival).
‘The most eccentric and equally the most talented woman you will see in Edinburgh this month’ (Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe Festival)