KAZAMOZe is world rock, blending the best of western and eastern beats, styles, melody and instrumentation. The sound reflects their energy and passion. Their pasts are entwined in roots, rock and ska flavored with Arabic and Indian styles creating a uniquely progressive and present day sound.

KAZAMOZE:  World Rock that grooves.  World Rock that creates good times.  Music that gets people up and dancing.For more, check out KAZAMOZE.com

Video and performance: www.youtube.com/kazamoze

Yousef Sa’adeh – Vocals, dobro & guitar, cuattro
Tom Connelly – Electric and Standup Bass &Vocals, & Vocals
Rami Ziadeh – Vocals, Drums & Percussion
Dru Rodgers – Ukuleles, guitar & bouzouki, & Vocals
Roxanne Oliva – Accordion
Roxanne Oliva M.A. is a recording artist,  multi-instrumentalist (accordion, harp, flute, renaissance winds and percussion), composer, Celtic music teacher, and featured artist in the international Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar.  Roxanne’s album credits cover a sweeping range of styles including a film soundtrack with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Tom Waits.
Roxanne latest CD “Box Candy”  a sampler of her accordion tunes played by a tasty mix of ensembles and spiced with exotic instruments. Fresh, fun, funky, folkish, free-associative.Roxanne performs at festivals and symposiums across the nation and her compositions have received international acclaim.

Roxanne’s New Album “Box Candy”