Joe Domitrowich

JOE DOMITROWICH is a technician of the accordion. Joe’s ethnic roots are in Burgenland, Austria at the cross-roads of Eastern and Western Europe with strong cultural influences from Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia. With a youth steeped in a culture of European immigrants, it is no wonder that Joe’s repertoire strongly reflects the music of countries surrounding Austria and extending to the further reaches of Europe. He enjoys arranging an ever-broadening selection of music, including nostalgic standards and evergreens, for performance on the midi accordion. Over the years, he has formed several bands and has played a wide variety of venues in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oregon and California, including the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and Oktoberfests in Campbell and Monterey and the Great America Theme Park. Joe particularly enjoys performing technically challenging pieces where audiences are populated with serious accordion aficionados and in intimate settings with appreciative listening audiences.