Gina and Romany Rye

Gina and Romany Rye are a highly regarded husband and wife musical duo, Gina plays piano accordion and has won many awards in her lifetime including twice National Champion for the Commonwealth Nations as well as the Coup Mondiale. She has appeared numerous times on television, played many social events for the Queen of England, and has entertained on the cruise ship Queen Elizabeth II for seven years.

At the last International Accordion Festival, held at Castelfidardo Italy, Gina was presented the prestigious Golden Master Award in recognition of her work in promoting accordion interest. Other recipients of this prestigious award include Gervasio Marcosignori and Pino DiModugno. Gina and her husband Norman (Romany Rye) were twice voted top of the entertainment ladder with the highest award in British show business … by Variety Club of Great Britain.

Gina has a masters degree in music and states; “My entire stage career has featured the accordion. Every time I play I am proud to present the accordion, as it has been part of my family for three generations!” Gina and Norman are also well known in the accordion and musical instrument trades. They run a successful accordion import business, not to mention a fully staffed music store and sheet music shop, plus a music school with over 120 pupils learning piano and accordion. Beyond their many talents, you will find Gina and Norman have hearts of gold which emulates from their music and their warm personalities.