Episode 9

Episode 9 is a mother and son group that will amaze you. Kathi Petras, accordionist, was nick-named “The Hurricane” when she was 22 years old because of the speed she projected and the unique style with which she effortlessly played the accordion.

Professional, at age 17, she traveled the circuit with many well known groups, and had the pleasure of being acknowledged by Frankie Laine, Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima and Keely Smith, and one of her dearest friends and idol Dick Contino. She traveled with “The Vagabonds” from Florida to New Jersey.

Her son, Aaron Petras a.k.a. DJ Panic, began DJ promotions on radio and live at age 17. He mastered all the styles of scratching from around the U.S.  He also learned how to record, master, and do the live engineering of Episode 9. He and his mom developed a whole different concept of music.

All beats, recording and mastering by DJ Panic. All baselines programmed by “The Hurricane”. CD’s will be available to purchase at the Cotati Accordion Festival, called “Episode 9” featuring “The Hurricane”.