Although this band is somewhat new on the scene, the history of the music goes way back, and it started influencing the Domingue family long before T-Luke’s time. In the mid-1950’s great-grandfather, Lucas Domingue Sr. gave T-Luke’s dad his first guitar. Lucas Domingue Sr. was a man beyond his time, handcrafting double and triple neck, five, seven, and eight-stringed instruments throughout the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s, in a workshop he set up behind the canned foods section in the back of his grocery store located in Duson, LA. He also repaired accordions and performed at the local dance clubs.

Fast forward to the 1990s and you’ve got his grandson Richie Domingue taking his band Gator Beat up and down the west coast, throughout the south, and to parts of Canada while releasing five albums from 1991-2004. In the 1970s Richie moved from Lafayette, LA, where he grew up, to Northern California. There he met his wife Carolyn (Montreal, Canada) and started a family.

This brings us to the present where T-Luke & The Tight Suits, led by Richie’s son, carries on the tradition of music that began and is deeply rooted in the Domingue family. The band not only incorporates music from these roots, but also includes their own flare with a fresh, bluesy, soulful, down-home sound.

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