Netta Skog

Netta Skog is a Finnish accordion player who was born in 1990. She started playing the accordion when she was only 5-years old and she’s done many musical projects during these years. In 2006 she won the Golden Accordion – a competition which is basically the best accordion player in Finland and since that her career as a real musician basically started. In the competition she played the song “Dead to the World” by a well-known Finnish metal band NIGHTWISH and it got a lot of attention around the world. Mostly because of that performance, Battle-Metal Band TURISAS asked her to join the band. Netta was an official member in Turisas from 2007 to 2011 and got the chance to travel all around the whole world.

In 2013, Netta decided to try her chops as a singer, so she attended to the Finnish Tango competition and got straight to the finals, placing among the top six female singers. She won the World Championships in digital accordion category in Coupe Mondiale International competition in 2015 and since then she’s been working hard to create new styles of accordion playing and trying to get the young people excited about the accordion.

In 2015 she also got the opportunity to join folk metal band called ENSIFERUM and toured around the world with them from 2015 to 2017. Netta has also played as a guest star with many famous Finnish bands, like Children of Bodom and Mokoma and because of her heavy-metal background she also plays a lot of heavy metal covers at her solo shows. Even though Netta’s life is mostly surrounded by heavy-metal music, she also writes some of her own music as well which contains a lot of pop and instrumental music. And of course, let’s not forget about her singing talent.

Netta’s specialty is the digital accordion from Roland which means that she is kind of a one-woman band. She can play all the instruments with her accordion and believe it or not, she doesn’t use any backing tracks at all.

2015 – Winner of World Championships in digital accordion

2012 – Winner of Roland V-accordion Nordic championships

2006 – Winner of Golden Accordion competition

2006 – Winner of “I play the accordion…” Competition

2005 – Winner of the Finnish accordion folk music competition in diatonic accordion

2003 – Winner of the Finnish accordion folk music competition in chromatic accordion

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