Zydeco Dance Party – April Bands of the Month

The April band of the month is not a band but rather a down home, rocking, dancing experience. It is the Cotati Accordion Festival Zydeco Dance Party!

     Starting at noon on Saturday, August 19th, the Zydeco Dance Party opens up at Spanky’s, adjacent to the park and our festival. There is not only dancing inside the club, but there is a lot of dancing space outside on the wide sidewalk adjacent to  the club which was full of dancers last year. On top of that,  we get to start things off with the incomparable Mark St.Mary.

    Mark St Mary has been awarded the “Best Zydeco Band” by the Bay Area Blues Society and the “Delta King” never fails to bring the best in traditional Louisiana zydeco music.

     Mark closes out his set at 5:00 only to be followed by more dancing in the zydeco tent which starts up at 5:15 on Saturday with Iko Ya Ya and their “swamp rock and roll”. Iko Ya Ya will be mixing a lot of genres in with their zydeco and it all ends up in a stew that has everyone dancing for another couple of hours.

    On Sunday the Zydeco Dance Party starts anew with the California Blue Runners at Spankys. Andrew Carriere, Haywood Douresseau, Tom Stewart, Andre Nigoghossian and David Hymowitz bring their deep Louisaniana experience to Cotati for all of us to enjoy.

Once again, the party continues at 5:15 in the tent with long-time  local favorites The Wild Catahoulas creating the ultimate in an upbeat vibe and the perfect dancing environment. 

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