The Lemon Lime Lights

The Lemon Lime Lights of Eastbania are the world’s premier junkyard cabaret ensemble. Springing forth from the seedy underbelly of the Eastbanian neo-smirkus pop folk revival, the lemon lime lights ply through the murky mud flats and trudge over the hills of eastbania to bring you the delectable musical confections that hearken to a time past, and beckons to the forward thinking peoples of Eastbania and beyond.

This rare and eclectic combination of instruments played by this fine ensemble,or amorphestra if you prefer, includes accordion, cello,  guitar, cornet, saxophone, violin, sousaphone, drums, and tap dancing. Occasionally, power tools and dancing girls get thrown in the mix, because,when you get right down to it, the people do love a show.

And bringing that show to the 2005 Cotati Accordion Festival are; JD, playin’ a 5-row Chromatic Belly Organ; the lovely and taptastic Dr. Lisa (A.K.A Yo Ma-Ma), pluckin’ and sawin’ on that old cello; the triple threat of Jeff Hobbs keeping it spicy whilst juggling the cornet, violin, and saxophone; one Reid Johnston huffin’ on the sousaphone; and Don “Doc” Ward rat tat a tattin’ on the skins.

The Lemon Lime Lights are out showcasing the entertainment, selling the merchandise, and landing favorable reviews from the critics at large. The lucky boys and girl were recently nominated in the Best of the North Bay Music Awards sponsored by the North Bay Bohemian.  Their recent CD “If I Ever Get Back… Songs of the Eastbanian Diaspora” (ItchyMonkey Music) is available here at the festival as well as online at Too much information about upcoming shows, as well as how you can donate to the limeless youth of Eastbania, photos of the band and MP3’s are all to be found on the website.

The musical efforts that issue forth from the Lemon Lime Lights have been compared to Captain Beefheart, Velvet Underground, Tom Waits, Camper Van Beethoven, Cake, and the genre known as Eastern-Bloc Tuba Rock.  The band invites you to draw your own conclusions, and of course, prizes will be awarded for the best drawings.  Thanks to the Cotati Accordionistas for keepin it real.  Viva Eastbania, Viva Smythe’s Accordion center of Oakland, and Viva Los Lemon Lime Lights…