Squeezebox Sabroso

Building bridges and crossing borders

Squeezebox Sabroso (formerly Conjunto Coyote), a group of five gifted musicians, melds their history as community activists with a joy for music that lifts the spirit and gets people dancing. These Sabrosos bring their diverse life and work experiences—as Chicanos, as visual artists, as counselors, as radio show host—to create a rich blend of musical styles. They draw inspiration from many roots: norteño and polka, cumbia and merengue, bolero and trio, vallenato, rancheras and country, oldies and blues.

With musical rhythms that go from pulsating and vibrating to soft and sweet, the group celebrates the positive values from their cultura with bilingual ease. Using a combination of traditional música along with original compositions, these coyotes have a good time singing of cultural pride, reminding us of the need for political activism and recounting the oh-so-human emotions of love and loss!

Building bridges and crossing borders, this group is a new voice for multi-cultural celebration. Committed to preserving and promoting for future generations this traditional music of the pueblo Chicano, they also reflect the changes and spirit of a people as they move in the 21st century, singing and dancing con gusto y con firmeza. — J.Uribe

Arturo Carrillo: Congas

Paul “Pablo” Griffin: Bass and Vocals

Manuel Mena: Accordion and Vocals

William Montgomery: Guitar and Vocals

Irene Pérez:  Drums and Vocals

Recipient of California Arts Council Multicultural Grant Award – 2001-2003