Bellows & Bow

A unique combination of accordion and violin, Bellows & Bow has delighted audiences since 1993 with its large repertoire of Continental, Light Classic and Pop selections. Traditional Italian favorites are a mainstay and why not? The well-known blend of violin and accordion suggests fun, festivity, and frolic.

Norma Zonay has entertained since her teens, led her own trio for a number of years and also teamed with a noted violin impresario in Salt Lake City. She is proficient on both organ and keyboard and teaches in her own studio. Tyane Boye (tee-ann) regularly performs as part of both Jazz and Society orchestras as well as local symphony groups. She is recognized as a free-lance violinist who plays with various string quartets. Tyane also teaches at the Campbell Music Center and in her home. Bellows and Bow has performed at the San Jose and San Mateo Italian Festivals. With original styling and standard favorites, Bellows & Bow has wide appeal