Michael Zampiceni

Son of Joseph Zampiceni, noted accordion composer, publisher, teacher, and performer during the Golden Age of accordions, Michael Zampiceni was weaned on accordions as a youngster growing up in San Jose. Beginning studies at 8 years old, he was already playing for area parades and other events by age 11. By age 14 he advanced to his father's orchestra, playing either the accordion or drums.

While he was in junior high school, Michael joined the school choir, and others noted his pleasant voice and singing abilities, resulting in the pursuit of voice lessons at age 16. He eventually became a vocal major in the San Jose State music department with a secondary concentration in classical organ, and in 1971 received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music.

After teaching, performing, and selling keyboard instruments for several years, Michael decided to develop his concurrent writing skills and eventually become a Silicon Valley technical writer. He nevertheless continued to perform and teach as able. After a 30-year career, he returned to his roots, and is now fully teaching and performing in the bay area. He has also been traveling around the country more recently, appearing at festivals as a featured performer, clinician, and adjudicator for the Leavenworth Accordion Festival, Accordionists and Teachers Guild, and Las Vegas Accordion Convention.  Michael is pleased to return to the Cotati stage after a 20-year hiatus.

Michael's repertoire is broad and diverse, including American standards, European, Latin, classical, and jazz music. He will be playing some of these genres during his performance at this festival.

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The Wild Catahoulas

The Wild Catahoulas is that unique Cajun/ Zydeco band in the North Bay, merging traditional Cajun French two-steps and waltzes from Southwestern Louisiana with contemporary Zydeco and New Orleans sounds. In other words, a GREAT dance band.

 Joining us in Cotati will be guest accordion master Andrew Carriere, of the legendary Carriere Family of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Andrew adds real Cajun flavor to the mix of fine musicians: Gus Garelick on fiddle (an original member of Jim Boggio’s Sonoma Swamp Dogs), Allegra Broughton and Sam Page, vocals, guitar and bass (best known from their group Solid Air), and Don Connolly on drums (a member of the Sonoma County Love Choir). Great players, great music! Laissez les bon temps roulez!

*The Catahoula is the official state dog of Louisiana: hard-working and bi-lingual

 Booking and information;   (707) 526-7763   email: fiddler


Netta Skog

Netta Skog is a Finnish accordion player who was born in 1990. She started playing the accordion when she was only 5-years old and she’s done many musical projects during these years. In 2006 she won the Golden Accordion – a competition which is basically the best accordion player in Finland and since that her career as a real musician basically started. In the competition she played the song “Dead to the World” by a well-known Finnish metal band NIGHTWISH and it got a lot of attention around the world. Mostly because of that performance, Battle-Metal Band TURISAS asked her to join the band. Netta was an official member in Turisas from 2007 to 2011 and got the chance to travel all around the whole world.

In 2013, Netta decided to try her chops as a singer, so she attended to the Finnish Tango competition and got straight to the finals, placing among the top six female singers.
She won the World Championships in digital accordion category in Coupe Mondiale International competition in 2015 and since then she's been working hard to create new styles of accordion playing and trying to get the young people excited about the accordion.

In 2015 she also got the opportunity to join folk metal band called ENSIFERUM and toured around the world with them from 2015 to 2017.
Netta has also played as a guest star with many famous Finnish bands, like Children of Bodom and Mokoma and because of her heavy-metal background she also plays a lot of heavy metal covers at her solo shows.
Even though Netta’s life is mostly surrounded by heavy-metal music, she also writes some of her own music as well which contains a lot of pop and instrumental music. And of course, let's not forget about her singing talent.

Netta’s specialty is the digital accordion from Roland which means that she is kind of a one-woman band. She can play all the instruments with her accordion and believe it or not, she doesn’t use any backing tracks at all.

2015 – Winner of World Championships in digital accordion

2012 – Winner of Roland V-accordion Nordic championships

2006 – Winner of Golden Accordion competition

2006 – Winner of “I play the accordion…” Competition

2005 – Winner of the Finnish accordion folk music competition in diatonic accordion

2003 – Winner of the Finnish accordion folk music competition in chromatic accordion

Welcome to Cotati Netta !

MotorDude Zydeco

Left to right: Willy Jordan, Lloyd Meadows, Billy Wilson, Dennis Calloway Ian Lamson.

Born in Oakland California, MotorDude Zydeco plays the music of South Louisiana with soul, grit, and Funky-in-your-face style Zydeco music.

 Named after a racehorse owned by zydeco legend Bozoo Chavis MotorDude brings the real deal to the dance hall, Festival stage, or any event large or small

For over 15 years, founding members Billy Wilson (accordion/vocals), Lloyd Meadows (RubBoard/Vocals) Dennis Calloway (Bass)Willy Jordan (Drums/Vocals) and new addition Ian Lamson (Guitar), have been entertaining the Bay Area Zydeco scene. MotorDude will come to your town and take your feet to the dance floor and wear you out,and you will LOVE IT! ▲ 

Stas Venglevski


His artistry, dazzling technical command, and sensitivity have brought Stanislav, “Stas,” Venglevski, a native of the Republic of Moldova, part of the former Soviet Union, increasing acclaim as a virtuoso of the Bayan. A two-time first prize winner of Bayan competition in the Republic of Moldova, Stas is a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music in Moscow where he received his Masters Degree in Music under the tutelage of the famed Russian Bayanist, Friedrich Lips. In 1992 he immigrated to the United States.

Stas is an Accordionist, a Musician, an Arranger, an Entertainer and a Teacher. Stas’ repertoire includes his original compositions, a broad range of classical, contemporary and ethnic music. He has toured extensively as a soloist throughout the former Soviet Union, Canada, Europe, and the United States, including numerous performances with Doc Severinsen, Steve Allen and with Garrison Keillor on the Prairie Home Companion Show. Additionally, he has performed with symphony orchestras throughout the United States. He performed the world premiere of Concerto No. 2 by Anthony Galla-Rini and also the world premiere of Bayan and Beyond, composed for Stas by Dan Lawitts. He is a regular participant the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s Arts in Community Education Program (ACE); has performed with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Tacoma Symphony Orchestra; has done television commercials and performed in theater productions; produced numerous recordings including a transcription of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite for Bayan as well as one of original compositions. He has published several books of original compositions.

Stas founded Accordion XXI Century Series in 2010 so that the Midwest audiences can experience the amazing range of the Accordion and Bayan by bringing gifted artists from all over the world. In a concert setting, these gifted musicians share their skills and cultures to provide the audience with a unique musical experience. The performances feature the Accordion or Bayan in solo presentation and, when possible, in concert with other instruments.
The brilliant artistry and musical virtuosity of Stas afford an expanded dimension in music and an innovative musical adventure to the audience.

The accordion
The accordion is one of the most widely played instruments in the world. Popular, it seems, everywhere except the United States.

The accordion is generally made of wood, metals like aluminum and steel, plastic and cellulose. Some accordions have over six thousand individual parts, making them one of the most complex musical instruments manufactured.

The accordion makes its music when air from the bellows is forced through metal reeds causing the reeds to vibrate.

In the accordion class of instruments are the piano accordion, bayan, concertina, bandoneon, button box, et al. The concept is universal and each culture has adapted the instrument to its own requirements. The genesis of the accordion is thought to be the Chinese Sheng, which dates back to around the 13th century B.C.

The Bayan is an accordion that was developed in Russia in the very late eighteen hundreds. It differs from most accordions developed in western Europe primarily in the detail of its construction. These details make the Bayan a richer sounding instrument with a wider range of notes. It shines its best in the classic repertoire, often sounding like a cathedral pipe organ.

Stas Venglevski performs on the Petosa Concert Series Cathedral Bayan SV developed by Petosa Accordions in Seattle, WA, and custom crafted specifically for Stas. It has 61 treble notes and bass converter for either 120 Stradella bass or 55 free bass.

The Cathedral Bayan SV has fifteen treble registers giving it incredible range and large spectrum of sounds. The left hand is a specially designed Russian system offering the sound quality of a Cathedral Organ pedal tone.

When you see Mr. Venglevski perform, ask him to play Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Then, just close your eyes and listen.