Balkan beats, Klezmer stylings, and serious good times define the music of Oakland-based band Hernandez Hideaway. Bottoms up: bass (Dan Harrison), accordion (Tim Phillips), trombone (Sam Hernandez), saxophone (Claire Phillips), violin (Nao Nakazawa) and voice (Lucie Duffort), Hernandez Hideaway has been playing the Bay and beyond since 2009. Band members hail from California, England, and Japan, but come together over a love for that sweet spot where traditional meets modern.


"What unabashed talent!" — Skyler Fell, Accordion Apocalypse


"...shows of Hernandez’s growling trombone..." "...Duffort’s vocals are soulful and sensuous..."

— J Weekly review of Klezmerotica Sweethearts  Read the full article here on


"You sound like flying hippopotamuses in the sky!" — Berkeley Farmers Market


"...giddiness on stage and thrift shop-chic costuming." —  Andy Muchin




Jim Gilman and Guests

Jim Gilman was actually the first person to call the CAF "Woodstock of the Accordion World."
Here's the link to his 2010 YouTube post.

Jim Gilman was seemingly fated to play the accordion. At age 7, a local Chicago accordion school called his parents and offered 6 weeks of free accordion lessons because they had heard their son “had talent.” After resisting a high-pressure accordion salesman, private lessons were arranged.

A move to California during Jim’s high-school years seemed to halt his accordion career, but fate stepped in once more. Jim’s father actually saw in the Long Beach paper, “Wanted: Accordion player.” I ask you - how many times have you ever seen that? He earned his way through college playing at Knott’s Berry Farm as a street musician. During the summer, it meant playing 8 hours a day, 5 days a week - for the princely sum of $1.85 per hour.

A student loan bought Jim his first Cordovox and he was on his way. In 1972 he met up with a saxophone player by way of a 3x5 card posted on a bulletin board and they went “on the road” playing at Holiday Inns all over the mid-west.

Along the way, that Cordovox was upgraded time and time again to where his accordion now controls, via MIDI, keyboards, computers, a module, and a vocalizer. Jim’s not a one-man band; he’s a one man orchestra. “It’s truly amazing what electronics, computers and MIDI - when added to the versatility of an accordion - have done for my ability to entertain audiences,” says Jim.

Jim (also known locally as “The Squeezinator”) plays all over Southern California - small dinner parties, country clubs, yacht clubs, cruise ships, and large charitable events. He put on his pair of lederhosen and performed on the Jimmy Kimmel show for Sam Adams Brewery. He’s performed from the heights - playing music for a wedding in a small plane flying above Los Angeles, to the depths - playing in a “sewer” for a KFI radio stunt, and all kinds of engagements in between. Come hear the possibilities and see his new Petosa accordion with the 24kt gold grill.  It was custom-made for him and it's the only one in the world like it. You can contact Jim at 714 777-6667 - home, 714 588-0676 - cell, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or his web site



Mark St. Mary's
Louisiana Blues & Zydeco

Mark St. Mary's Louisiana Blues & Zydeco Band is a 5 member band that plays traditional Louisiana blues and zydeco music.

Dubbed the "Delta King" and awarded the "Best Zydeco Band" in 2007 by Bay Area Blues Society, Mark's been playing his traditional style of zydeco music since the age of 13. His music is best described as infectious - once the band starts playing, the crowd doesn't want him to stop, yelling "Play One More" over and over!

Mark sings in both English & Creole French. We pride ourselves in being able to give the crowd a variety, zydeco, blues, R&B and even a lil' country.
Followers of this music loves the excitement it brings and the joy they get from dancing to it, be it a waltz, two-step, line dance or a down home flat-foot zydeco!

We play festivals, Mardi Gras, weddings, anniversaries, private parties, corporate events, New Years and/or whatever you like. We will perform to whatever the theme is.
With Mark's gift of gab, he comes prepared to really put on a show, making you not wanna sit down.

We guarantee to keep you entertained, keeping the skirt-tails floppin' and the cowboy boots stompin'.


Group Members

Mark St. Mary (Accordion Player/Vocals), David Rees (Bass/backup vocals), Dana Mandell (Bass/ Backup vocals), Jim Scott (Lead Guitar), Myrna Cooper (Rub Board/ backup vocals), Steve Namle (Drums), Tim Orr (Drums), Les Bloch (Drums), Ian Liamson (Lead Guitar)



(Pronounced Jo Ann)

Photo and bio will be posted when it becomes available.

Matthias Matzke


Matthias's Website

Matthias was born on January 28th, 1993 and lives in Gingen an der Fils, Germany.

After two years of basic musical education he began to play the accordion at the age of six and a half years at the municipal music school of Süßen and his teacher was Mr. Anatoli Lick who taught him until September 2009. Since 2006 he is a student of Hans-Günther Kölz at the Hohner Conservatory Trossingen.

Since he was nine, Matthias has also taken piano lessons. His recent piano and jazz piano teacher is Martin Rosengarten.

Matthias’s musical education also comprises master classes with Frédéric Deschamps in France.

2006 Matthias won the national final of the prestigious German competition “Deutscher Akkordeon Musikpreis” (German Accordion Music Prize) in the virtuoso entertainment music category and 2009 he won the first prize in the virtuoso entertainment music category of this competition as well as the first prize in the classical music category and therefore was awarded the prize by the Prime Minister of his state Baden-Württemberg.

2007 and 2010 Matthias received the first prize in the national competition for classical music “Jugend musiziert” (Youths play music). A great experience was an invitation of the German Music Council and the Goethe-Institute to play four concerts in Ankara in 2008.

2008 Matthias won the second “Premio” during the 33rd international accordion festival “Città di Castelfidardo” in the junior competition for classical music.

2011 he won the third place of the famous competition for virtuoso entertainment music “Primus Ikaalinen” which was televised by Finnish Television.Also in this year he won the “Coupe Mondiale” world championship in the category “junior virtuoso entertainment” and got the 8th place in the category for classical music of the same competition.

Electronic music also fascinates Matthias. 2009 he received the first prize of the ROLAND V-Accordion Festival in the junior category and 2011 he won the national final of this competition in the adult category and received the second prize of the international competition in Rome. Matthias was awarded with the title “Kid of the Year 2009” as overall winner of the “Kids2Keys” contest which is a competition for creativity and electronic instruments organized by the IFET association.
Since then he has played concerts for ROLAND, for example during the “Night of Keys” on the Musikmesse Frankfurt.

What Matthias likes about the accordion is the sometimes underestimated variety of this instrument and the possibility to use it for every possible style of music which often results in surprises.