En Canto with Jamie Maschler
Promo Video

A multi-ethnic, female-led seven-piece, En Canto’s world pop music—a combination forró, samba, and choro-inspired originals and reimagined covers of classic Brazilian hits—commands attention and inspires movement. “We love this music because of its compositional brilliance, its original grooves, and its revolutionary nature ... its roots in post-colonialism, in cultural battles for class and racial equality,” Accordionist Jamie Maschler, explains. 

Playing primarily in North American venues, En Canto currently channels its fierce independence into challenging stereotypes while also helping audiences expand their comfort zones. “We make people dance,” as drummer Adam Kozie puts it “We routinely open our concerts to a room full of shy faces, and we close them to a sweat-drenched melee of bodies and smiles. We experience real joy when we play these songs, and people feel that, and they respond in kind. It was the same for each us at one point when we first heard Luis Gonzaga or Gilberto Gil—we were provoked and then captured by the music, and we feel honored to be able to offer our own interpretations of it.”

Having recently spent a re-inspirational month in Brazil, En Canto has just recorded its first full-length album, Solto por Jeri. The Portuguese title translates to, Released in Jeri, a nickname for Jericoacoara, Ceara, an old fishing village set along the sand dunes of the Atlantic coast. Spending their time immersed in the culture that created and still adores Forró (the most popular genre of music and dance in northeastern Brazil), En Canto’s nights inevitably turned into impromptu jams, which then became writing sessions.

The result is a record steeped in exploration, mystique, sensuality, and the integration of masculine and feminine potency,